Apr 6 '12

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The Strawberry Laser Lipo Show

Strawberry Laser Lipo steals the show! Strawberry Laser Lipo is regarded by the beauty industry as THE absolute best laser lipo system bar none! Pictured is the Strawberry Laser Lipo “inch loss” system trade stand creating a buzz at a recent beauty industry show. Read more about what makes Strawberry Laser Lipo your best choice [...]

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Apr 5 '12

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Alex Reid Loves Laser Lipo

STRAWBERRY LASER LIPO CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT Strawberry Laser Lipo gets rave reviews on a regular basis. The latest celebrity endorsement for the most popular and best laser lipo system ever comes from Alex Reid. Alex Reid, the ex Mrs Katie Price, is pictured left with his new partner Chantelle Houghton, mother of his first child. In [...]

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Mar 7 '12

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Maintaining Newly Whitened Teeth

Foods that aid teeth whitening In addition to regular teeth hygiene & dentist visits, avoid smoking and foods that stain teeth. Several foods are considered to whiten teeth although it takes time and the effect may be subtle. These foods include: Foods that stain teeth Foods to avoid include any that darken the teeth during [...]

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Laser Whitening UK joins the Laser Treatments UK network. Now we can offer the full Laser Treatments UK range of services including Strawberry laser lipo, laser hair removal, laser tattooo removal, and laser anti-wrinkle treatment. Read More »


Laser teeth whitening is completely painless, fast and very effective for men and woman of all ages. Nothing looks better then whiter teeth! Laser Whitening UK is proud to be a member of the Laser Treatments UK Partner Network.

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